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1.Our purperse
Do you know SAMURAI ?

If you can see the SAMURAI in your trip to Japan , do you want to see that ?

We provide you the show of SAMURAI and Japanese Cultures , and you can experience the practices of Japanese traditional Arts .


Please come to our Event " Experience JAPAN " .

You can enrich your trip to JAPAN , because you can know the secrets of JAPANESE Way of thoughts through the Experience JAPAN

And you can enjoy the SHOW and Experience of Japanese Traditional Arts like Kenbu , Calligraphy , Tea Ceremony , and so on .

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Representative Director Yuji Ando

天辰神容流 吟剣詩舞道 上席師範
公益財団法人日本吟剣詩舞振興会 全国剣詩舞コンクールにて、全国優勝(日本一)通算七度、文部科学大臣賞通算四度受賞。


Representative Director Ryusuke Koyama

コンセプトクリエイター、名古屋商科大学大学院 准教授、株式会社ブルームコンセプト代表取締役

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